Digital Label Finishing Systems, LLC


MP850 Label Finishing System

The MP850 LFS is an in- line or off- line label finishing system, that can laminate and rotary die cut  pre-printed labels, produced by any roll to roll label printer.

The MP850 LFS die cuts labels up to 8.25"wide x 11.5" long at speeds up to 15 IPS (Inches per second). All electronic set up with an interactive touch screen display, its
intelligent rotary die-cutter cuts precisely, adjusts automatically and reduces label waste.

The MP850 LFS can also be used to cut blanks, to laminate specialty materials or to slit and rewind stock. 

The MP850 LFS uses either engraved tooling or an optional magnetic cylinder with flex dies.

 The MP850  LFS was designed for ease of operation and rapid change overs. It has many features of full size presses such as X and Y  adjusters on the cutter and slitter, step up and step down anvil rollers, primary and secondary finished label take-ups and comes standard with a laminate liner take up.